Monday, September 28, 2015

Bear Lake

On our camping trip we spent a day at Bear Lake.  The kids loved the sand and the water.  Every time I turned around Kiah had sand on some part of her body, usually her mouth :).  We rented a boat with a tube.  They forgot to put the plug in our boat so it filled with water as we were trying to drive it.  Because of the problem, they let us use a smaller boat, jet ski's, and a paddle board.  Despite the boat problems, it was a great day on the lake!

Jaxson's favorite part was driving the boat with Grandpa.  He said he was a crazy driver :).

 Jaxson wanted to try jumping into the lake, but the deep water was a lot colder than the shallow water he had played in earlier.

Tyson, Kenna, and Tom on the tube


We met my family at the beach the next day for a little Sawyer family reunion.  It was a bit windy and cold, but we still had fun :).
 Jaxson rode the jet ski with Grandpa Baseball and had a blast doing donuts and going fast.

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