Friday, February 13, 2015

Trip to Utah

Tyson's Grandma Ruth Cook passed away January 15, 2015.  She was such a wonderful woman, I'm so glad I could meet her and she could meet our children.  Tyson grew up around the corner from her and has so many good memories.  We were blessed to visit her many times in the past few years.  Her funeral was on Jan. 31 (her birthday) and we were able to make a quick weekend trip to Utah to attend.  Here are some pictures of Grandma Ruth Cook and of our time in Utah.

Baby staring contest

Jaxson got to go to Grandma's preschool class and paint.  They rubbed the colors red, blue and yellow together to see what new colors would appear.

Jaxson loves baby Ian

We were able to spend Sunday evening with my family in Lehi.  I'm so grateful CO isn't that far from UT, and we get to see our families so often :).

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