Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kiah's Eating

Kiah started eating last month and is getting better all the time.  I probably take too many pictures of her eating, but she is just too cute!

Getting ready to eat banana

Banana was a huge hit, and she was furious when I took the spoon away to give her more.

I love the anticipation on her face
These are either peas or green beans, she likes both.

Sweet potato face!

She loves sucking on strawberries

Throwing a fit because I had to turn her strawberry around so she could keep sucking on it

Another cute strawberry picture

Looking crazy with her messy hair and a strawberry hanging out of her mouth :)

I wanted to try broccoli because I figured she could hold onto it and eat the floret....

...she just munched it like a crazy girl...

...and spit it out.

She loves to munch on green beans, although I'm not sure how much of it makes it down :).

So happy to be eating like a big girl in the high chair!

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