Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We went to the mall one evening and let Jaxson go for a ride in this jeep thing.  He was really confused at first, but enjoyed it towards the end :)
We went to Colorado Springs to have dinner at Ann and Sterling's house before Chris left for North Carolina.  Jaxson loved playing with the kids, especially when Emily shared her DS :) 

At our house we eat Nutella by the spoonful :)

Going on a run with Daddy
Fishy face!

Sometimes Jaxson has fun just sitting in a box...

And sometimes I have fun putting stickers all over him and seeing how many he forgets :)

Jaxson's learning how to eat with a spoon all by himself

I love cuddling with my boy!

Tyson and Jaxson love playing this game where they throw a ball in the air and catch it, while lying on their backs.  Jaxson has tried to bring me the ball and have me play when Tyson is at work, but it just isn't the same :)

 Coloring like a big boy!  He doesn't try to eat the crayons anymore, but if my eyes aren't glued to him, he's off trying to color on the tile and the chairs... 

Church is from 10-1, so it cuts right into Jaxson's nap time.  It is a ten minute drive home and most of the time Jaxson falls asleep before we get there.  Usually when we carry him in he wakes up and we feed him lunch, but sometimes he's so exhausted that he stays asleep...
Even through a clothes and diaper change :)

One of Jaxson's favorite books right now is a book my mom got him from Alaska, "Good Morning Little Bear."  It's one of the only books I can get him to sit through that has more than four words on a page :)

I sure hope this is exploration and not a habit...

Sometimes Jaxson likes to pretend he's an ostrich when he plays :)

Family movie night!  We ate popcorn and watched "The Croods"

This kid can give the nastiest crusties...

And the sweetest smiles :)

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