Saturday, March 1, 2014


I'm finally caught up with 2013 on the blog!  Here goes 2014, better late than never :).

On the way home from Utah.  We love it when he sleeps in the car :)

While we were putting away Christmas, Jaxson found his ping pong balls and decided to pop them out of his mouth...

Nap-time buddies

Jaxson really wanted to carry around 3 cars.  It was hard, but above was my solution to his problem.  Below is Jaxson's solution.

Learning to say prayers.

One day I babysat for two different families each with two boys and they overlapped for about an hour.  It was crazy, but at least we have fun toys to play with :).

Jaxson loves playing with his friends!

How Jaxson signs the word "help".  If you know sign language or look it up, that is not how you sign the word.

Sometimes it's a tiring job to drink milk :)

Weary eyes at the car wash.

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