Thursday, February 6, 2014

Utah-The Sawyer's

We spent Thanksgiving day with my family.  We had Song and Sophia (and little Ella), the Remsburg's, and Grandma Zee's friend from CO for dinner.  We also went to the Children's Science Museum in Salt Lake, Jaxson had a blast.

Thanksgiving dinner

I love when we have Song and Sophia over-Korean food!

Happy Grandparents :)

Sophia, Ella, and Song 

Dallas and Theresa Remsburg

Grandma Zee and her friend from CO

The Children's Science Museum

Playing with ice 

Jaxson loved playing with Kamo and Luke 

 Shea building....something

Jaxson helped Grandpa feed the chickens, he was not a fan.  Chickens are scary.

Jumping on the tramp

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