Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random in December

Here are our random pictures from December, before we went to Utah.

We finally have Colorado license plates!

This is what happens when Tyson and I get used to having 2 extra sets of eyes around, and then they go back to Utah...

Chelsea texted me this picture while they were watching Jaxson.  He doesn't seem to mind haha.

 I had the privilege to go to the temple with one of my dear friends Alle when she got her endowment out before she got married.  I taught Alle on my mission, and then we were roommates at BYUI for 2 semesters.  I love her so much, this was such a special day!

I love baby snuggles, but I wish teething wasn't so hard :( 

The toilet game! 

We love this boy!

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