Saturday, April 13, 2013

Randomness in March

I know it is April now, but here are some random pictures from March.  I'm behind, but at least I got them up :)

 Chillin in the sling.  A missing sock is a regular sight around here :)

 Trying to decide if he likes applesauce or not...

 I'd say not haha. 
 I think plain applesauce is too tart for him, but he likes it if we put some cereal and milk in it

 Yes that is a piece of celery, our baby seems to think it is the best thing ever when we let him chew on a piece

Jaxson's starting to be pretty mobile, especially in his crib.  He started out on his back with his head facing the opposite direction...this is how we found him 

Love this smile and love this kid!

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  1. He is getting so big and cuter all the time.