Thursday, April 25, 2013

Six Months

Jaxson is 6 months old!!!  He is growing so much and learning so many new things.  We have so much fun with our little munchkin!  Here are some of the reasons we love our baby this month...

  • He weighs 19lb 9.5 oz and is 28.2 in long
  • He is rolling all over the place and can make some distance, slowly, but he sure is mobile
  • We have tried peas, carrots, squash, applesauce, peaches, and mashed banana.....peaches are his favorite
  • He has two little teeth on the bottom, and we didn't even know he was teething!
  • He smiles his big heart melting smile all the time and laughs when we least expect it
  • He has big blue eyes that capture anyones heart in seconds

Behind the scenes....
I have to put up some behind the scenes pictures because they crack us up.  As soon as we put the monkey down, that's all Jaxson could focus on.

Daddy trying to keep Jaxson from the monkey

Mommy trying to keep Jaxson from the monkey

Mad because we wouldn't let him have the monkey :)

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