Monday, January 14, 2013

Happenings at Home

We had a great Christmas break, but are glad to be back in Colorado in our own apartment.  Jaxson is growing everyday and it is so fun to watch as he learning new things!

Jaxson had his 2 month check up with lots of shots.  He was a tough boy and only cried a little bit.  We found out he weighs 15 lb. 7 oz.

 Grandma Cook got Jaxson a mobile for Christmas and he loves it!

He is starting to swat at his toys and grab onto them...he loves his little lady bug friend

One of his new favorite things to do is to chew on daddy's fingers.  Both of my boys end up in a drooly mess.

This bear suit used to drown my little man.  Now we can't even zip it up all the way.

We discovered recently that Jaxson loves to watch TV.  He was pretty disappointing when the Broncos lost :).

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