Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camping at Bear Lake

With Tyson's side of the family, we went camping at Bear Lake for a few days.  Camping while 7 months pregnant is not the most comfortable thing, but it was fun!

One of the nights, we went to the Pickelville Playhouse for dinner and to watch "The Hanging of Jaunito Bandito".....I don't think any of us stopped laughing the whole time, so funny!!!

One of the best parts of camping is all of the yummy food and sitting around the fire!


  1. I need to make sure Ryan doesn't see this. He keeps telling me that he hasn't been camping in over a year and just how wrong that is! I insisted that camping while pregnant was just never going to happen, and now with a new baby it is similarly impossible. You may just blow my cover missy! :)

  2. Lol that is so funny! It was super uncomfortable, especially having to pee every 30 min and walk to the outhouse....but it was still fun. And I agree that camping with a new baby would be extremely difficult :)