Monday, August 27, 2012

The Many Beaches of Mexico

 During the week we were in Mexico, we went to many beaches-one of my favorite parts about the trip:).  

At Chileno Bay we had fun in the waves

 If an old man can do it, a pregnant lady can do it :)

 We spent two days at Medano Beach where we...
Ate Cocos Frios (Not my fave...)

 Were pretty much attacked by beach vendors trying to get us to buy their excursions

Rode a water taxi to lovers beach where we saw more of the Sea of Cortez, went snorkeling, and did more swimming

Besides being in the ocean, my favorite was the seals :)


  1. Just wondering...did the seals stink? Cuz when we went on that same water taxi tour and he drove past the seals they were HORRIBLY stinky! But definitely very cute!

  2. I don't remember them being stinky, it just smelled like oceean!