Sunday, August 14, 2016


Our really good friends, the Whiteheads moved to Utah for rotations for medical school at the beginning of July.  The kids and I had so much fun getting together with Jaci and her 3 girls, Dixie, Edith, and Eliza.  We will miss them a ton but are grateful for the time we had to get to know them!

This little firecracker was looking so cute in her 4th of July outfit

 The kids both came down with Hand Foot and Mouth in July so we were quarantined for a week and a half while they were getting over it.  We often resorted to the rocks right outside our apartment to get out of the house for a bit.

Playing with dad

We've had a lot of friends move recently and every once in awhile it will hit Jaxson pretty hard

We were coloring on balloons and Jaxson copied the minion I drew, I think he did a fantastic job!

We were about to go inside one day and Jaxson said he found a "froghopper."  It was a grasshopper and Jaxson named it JoJo.  We played outside for 30 minutes with JoJo.  Jaxson kept saying "I really love JoJo" and trying to get it to hop.  I think JoJo stuck around for so long because Kiah threw some rocks at him and stepped on him and made him cripple...oops.

The kids love playing Pokémon Go with Dad

Playing in the rain

We made some fun rock creatures with Jaxson's ever growing rock collection he keeps on the porch

Shopping for a birthday present for Grandma Bliss.  I think we have a little diva in the making :).

It was too hot outside to have a picnic at park day, so we brought our lunch home and ate it in the living room.

Cleaning up birthday decorations

We went to IHOP for dinner and forgot to bring a bib, so Kiah rocked it shirtless.

Jaxson fell asleep during Sacrament Meeting at church and had an accident.  All I had in the bag was underwear so we searched around and found holy jeans that were 2 sizes to small and a Denver Zoo hoodie.  That's better than walking around church in space underwear right ?  :)

The kids are always loosing bouncy balls under the stove.  I think Tyson found 3 of them plus a lot of other gross things...

Jaxson came out of the bathroom sporting this awesome hairdo the other morning

"Kiah how old are you?"  "Two!"

We celebrated Tyson's birthday this month.  Jaxson picked out this Bronco's football all by himself.

We met Tyson for lunch at his office.  It was impossible to get a picture without the kids being goofy :).

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