Sunday, March 13, 2016

Random in January

It's a new year!  2016 is going to be great!

Eating ice cream sandwiches for New Year's Eve

The kids love playing with their new kitchen

Kiah loves wearing Daddy's hat

Being silly eating snack

One blue M&M can make a messy car ride :)

The kids love eating Nutella as a snack

Enjoying the beautiful January sunshine

Watching Pizza Cats, a show Tyson watched as a kid

Snuggling with her baby doll

Dinosaur stamps!

The kids love their matching pj's from Grandma Cook and their cute slippers from Grandma Zee :)

My handsome silly boy started primary this month!

Walking to primary and nursery together

Kiah tried to go through the window and got stuck in her box

Jaxson loved taking naps in his box

Jump Street

Bubble bath!

Happy Kiah

Angry Jaxson

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