Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Random in March

Trying on Daddy's snowboard gear before he sold it

Swinging at one of our favorite CO parks, Centennial Park

Enjoying green and black beans for dinner

They love taking baths together

Teething makes this happy girl cranky and snuggly

Kiah started at the toy on the floor and between rolling and scooting backwards, made her way under the table

Jaxson was sick with a  really bad cold and ear infection for almost a week.  He was so miserable, and just not himself.  The morning we left for Utah, he was finally his fun, goofy, happy self :).

Sharing puffs with Kiah
We went to the zoo with our friends Reese and Emily.  Jaxson loved the Penguins.
Watching the Polar Bear
We are saving this sweet picture for their wedding video :)

Hot and sweaty after a fun day at the zoo

The kids wore their Easter clothes the Sunday before Easter because General Conference was on Easter Sunday.  It is so hard to get a good picture with both of them, so I just cropped the best ones of each of them :).

I love these kiddos SO much!!!

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