Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas at the Sawyer's

For Christmas Eve, we had the Remsburgs and the Laws over.  We had a wonderful brisket dinner and had fun playing games and sharing a Christmas message about our Savior Jesus Christ together. 

Making a ginger bread house with Shea

Playing with the Law's dog, Charlie

White Elephant gift exchange

Andrew got the "Chuckey tree" that has been passed between the Remsburgs and Sawyers for the past 4 years

The Laws

The Remsbergs

Grandma Zee

The Sawyers/Cooks

Christmas morning was a lot of fun with a 2 year old.  Jaxson loved his new train set and opening all the presents.  This is the first Christmas my family has had all together in about six years, so it was really special.

Christmas jammies from Grandma Bliss

Putting together a toy motorcycle Christmas Eve

Kiah was such a sweetheart and laid on her blanket the whole time we opened presents.  She loved Christmas!

Shea painted this picture of Grandpa Sawyer for my dad, I thought it was a very sweet gift.  (After she gave it to him she said she needed it back for a little bit to turn in for her art project :)).

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