Monday, June 16, 2014

Random in May

I decorated a few balloons with different faces, it was a big hit

Jaxson loves to drink the milk from the bowl after he is done eating his cereal

Jaxson was trying to be like daddy and do P90X, I don't think he's doing it right :)

He wanted to be like his friend Jemma and wear a headband :)

We went to this cool trampoline place called Jump Street.  Jaxson had fun on the tramp and blow up slide. 
Mother's day!  It snowed in May!

I love my boy!!!

We went to a friends house for Mother's Day dinner and Jaxson fell down the stairs while riding a toy car.  But He's still a happy boy even with a scuffed up face :)

Piggy face on the glass door, ignore my reflection :)

Jaxson loves wearing a baseball cap because it is a "hat like daddy"
Jaxson started running from us while we were shopping, so Tyson stuck him in a shopping cart :)

I think the sorting and lining stuff up stage has begun...

Jaxson and Daddy in the crib!


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