Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random in April...and March

Jaxson isn't very good at taking small bites yet...

Jaxson loves laying on Daddy's pillow when he is at work

Jaxson is starting to get into pretend play.  I love seeing him play with his animals Tyson got for him

Jaxson loves to try on our shoes and walk around the apartment

General Conference is very hard to listen to with a toddler.  We were able to get a good 20 min of silence by putting Jaxson in a cake pan and pushing him back and forth with our feet :)

This was the best dinner that Jaxson had eaten ever!  He actually ate carrots, broccoli, and chicken by choice.  If you know how picky he has been, you know this is a big deal :)
Even Jaxson knows how to eat fries at Wendy's

I try to do stretches every morning and sometimes Jaxson likes to join in

Show off :)

Jaxson and Daddy eating cereal together.  I'm pretty sure he is signing "please"

One of the sweetest pictures we have of Jaxson.  We love this kiddo so much!

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