Thursday, November 21, 2013


I know November isn't over, but we leave for Utah tomorrow and I want to get the random pictures up because I will be doing Thanksgiving posts when we get back. 

We have since moved our trash can under the sink with child proof locks, but before then, Jaxson loved to climb in the recycling box to get stuff out of the trash. 

Jaxson's reaction after Maggie kissed him on the head 

Playing with the legos at Barnes and Noble 
We went to a really fun park and this was one of Jaxson's favorite things.  He could rock it and bounce it and he loved it (can't you tell by his expression? :)) 
Jaxson with another Jaxon, Reese, and Maggie

This was Jaxson's other favorite thing at the park.  He loved to lounge in it and spin round and round

"Jaxson, where's your tounge?" 

I don't know what this expression is supposed to mean, but it makes me laugh :)

I was having Jaxson help me put frozen waffles in the toaster oven for breakfast, but he put one in his mouth and wouldn't let go.  He ate more than half of it frozen-must be teething :). 

Can't get enough of this goofy boy!

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