Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jaxson's First Birthday Party

For Jaxson's first birthday, my mom and Tyson's mom came from Utah for 4 days to celebrate!  We had so much fun with them, and Jaxson was so cute with his grandma's :).  I'm so grateful that our mom's could road trip together and share their grandbaby for a great weekend. 
We took A LOT of pictures during their visit, so their will be a lot of blog posts :).  This one is about the birthday party we threw for the little one year old.

When I made Jaxson's birthday cake I was trying to be super heathy (banana's, applesauce, wheat flour, vanilla, and maybe one other ingredient).  It wasn't his favorite (and who can blame him) but he did enjoy playing with it :).

Grandpa Cook was on Face Time, and Jaxson wanted to share his cake :)
Jaxson got a lot of fun gifts for his birthday-a toy dog, a batman shirt, blocks, a flannel wall, a crib toy, alaska pajamas and book, bathketball (a tub toy), and some other cute shirts and books.  He liked to rip the paper off slowly and hand us each piece :)


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