Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nine Months

Jaxson is nine months old!  He has such a cute little personality and is so fun to watch grow every day.  A few reasons we love our baby this month.....

  • He is 24 lb and 30 in. (96 percentile for weight and 99 percentile for height)
  • He stands all by himself and will take steps if we are helping him and side steps if he is holding onto something
  • He will repeat some actions we do such as clapping and clicking his tounge
  • He loves sticks.  When we go outside if we give him a stick he will hold onto it like it is his favorite thing
  • He loves Teddy.  Besides when Tyson comes home from work, getting Teddy in the crib is the most exciting time of the day

Behind the Scenes
Jaxson's nine month pictures were SO hard to take!  He was super wiggly and as soon as his back touched the floor he was off-on his hands and knees crawling quickly away.  We tried to distract him with so many different things, but to no avail :)
I think he bit a chunk of the "9 Month)" picture and is gagging on it...

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  1. He gets cuter every day...of course I am not partial...