Monday, June 24, 2013

Eight Months

Jaxson is eight months old!  We cannot believe how fast he is growing and how much he is learning.  He is such a sweet little guy, we just love him so much!  Here are some of the reasons we love our baby this month...  
  • He makes noises that sound like ma-ma and da-da
  • He crawls everywhere and is pretty quick about it
  • When Tyson comes home from work he looks up from his toys, smiles a big toothy grin and crawls his little self over to his daddy :)
  • He has 7 teeth (3 on bottom and 4 on top) and knows how to use them
  • He can pull himself into a standing position-some of his favorite places are the couch, rocking chair, his crib, and the tub
  • He is eating finger foods and loves to feed himself rice puffs
  • He loves to throw his head back and hit whatever is there....the wall, the couch, a cupboard, mommy or daddy...
  • He loves to bang his toys on the ground and throw them all over the place

Behind the scenes

Jaxson did rather well this time, didn't even get mad.  He did find his monkey though and the 8 Months paper and I had to distract him with other toys and try to take a picture at the same time :).

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