Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Twelve Days of Kayla

For my birthday (Oct. 25th) Tyson did the twelve days of Kayla.  Each morning he gave me a card with a clue on it, then at night he would give me a gift.  I loved this so much because it made my birthday a little longer, and it kept me a little distracted from hoping my baby would come any day.

Since Jaxson came early, Tyson didn't get all of the cards made and I didn't pictures of everything, but I will put up what I have :)
On Sunday I woke up to this in the bathroom
EggNog, Candle lit dinner when I came home from work, Earings
Flowers, Chick flic movie night, Rootbeer floats
I don't have pictures of anything else, but he also got stars for our ceiling, cheesecake and the finale was a video of pictures since we met....I have the best husband ever!!!


  1. I love all the creative-ness!!!

  2. What a creative and loving husband you have.....