Friday, June 1, 2012

19 Weeks-Is It a Boy or Girl!?

We had our second ultrasound yesterday which was one of my favorite moments during this pregnancy for 2 reasons.  1-We were able to see every little bit of our little one, including the fingers and face.  All those little bones have never seemed so beautiful to me as they do now :).  And reason 2-

We're having a little BOY!!!

We immediately called our parents who are so excited to be grandparents, then we baked a cake :).  We had Tom and Kenna come over to reveal if they are going to have a niece or a nephew.  We are all so excited!  Only 5 more months!!!

The Last time I put up a baby bump picture my mom told me it looked like I had eaten 3 extra hamburgers, so here is my current baby bump that is actually starting to look like there's a baby in there instead of extra food  :)

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  1. So glad to know this little boy is already so very loved :):):)